Ride safety at this weekend's Decatur Celebration


Having fun is a must this celebration weekend but so is being safe and with 22 rides there to enjoy carnival staff is doing their part to make sure rides are ready to go but they said it's important for people to do their part, too.

Kelley Byrom was not just any carnival goer this weekend.

"I won the super fan pass from the Decatur Celebration," Byrom said.

But she was like most people when it comes to safety.

"If it's a ride that spins or a ride that I don't feel comfortable, I ride with them," Byrom said.

"Over 90 percent of all ride incidents are caused by the patron," said Carnival Owner Freddy Miller. "We're not trying to put blame on them, we're asking for their help to lower those numbers."

Miller said it's important for people to pay attention to safety rules like height restrictions.

"Those are decided by the manufacturer who knows how these rides are designed and built for safety," Miller said.

Carnival staff also recommended taking a picture of your children so you can easily identify them to security in case you get separated.

"You can show them exactly what they look like and what they're wearing," Miller explained.

And while people could be watching after their child, they can keep an eye on the rides, too.

"Watch the ride in operation before putting your child on it," he said.

Byrom was also playing it safe and doing just that.

"I watch the rides before out kids get on it to make sure it's safe," Byrom said. "If I hear any noises or that we won't put them on it."

The noises you hear from downtown Decatur on the first day of the carnival aren't from danger but are screamers of excitement.

Most of the rides takes three tickets, some four or five. The carnival opens at 5 p.m. Friday and will go until 11 p.m.. It is open all day Saturday and Sunday.

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