DHA to Build on Vacant Lots


DECATUR-The state attorney general sued several major banks over the foreclosure crisis and received a large settlement

And now the Decatur Housing Authority will get two million dollars to help fix problems those foreclosures caused.

Drive around Decatur and you'll see a lot of vacant lots. Many of those vacant lots created by a demolition or where a demolition needs to occur.

The two million dollars will help the Decatur Housing Authority build between 12 and 15 homes which they hope to sell at an affordable price.

Then they'll use 600 thousand dollars from HUD to build three homes for rent.

DHA Executive Director Jim Alpi says it won't take care of the whole problem but it's a good start.

"We have plenty of people who have needs for housing, we have plenty of neighborhoods that could use a shot in the arm and plenty of good workers here who could do the building so I think those are all positives that will come of this," Alpi says.

To pick the vacant lots they're going to work with the city to see which neighborhoods could have property values stabilized by adding one or two homes.

And the people they're hoping to help? Working families hurt by the foreclosure crisis.

They hope to break ground in the spring of this year and have the projects completed in the next three years.

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