Volunteers lifeblood of Decatur Celebration


Celebration is underway, thousands will be out in Decatur enjoying the festivities and hundreds of people are making it happen. Volunteers are some of the people who make it a success.

More than 500, that's how many volunteers are helping out at this year's Decatur Celebration. Each one a vital part in making the event happen, putting in the time and the grind.

Lining the streets of downtown Decatur it's booth, after booth, after booth and volunteers.

"We saw what a great party it was and decided we needed to be a part of it," said Decatur Celebration Volunteer Steve Jackson.

For he and his wife, Liz, this is the twenty-seventh year they're volunteering at the Decatur Celebration, but it's the first year they're stage managers.

"It's a whole new ball game for us," Liz said.


Taking care of everyone and everything having to do with the Show Stage.

"If it wasn't for the volunteers, we would not have a festival," said Director of Decatur Celebration Lori Sturgill.

Every person walking, sitting, standing, making sure details are in place like building and painting signs and hanging posters. Tina Freeman is running the haunted trailer.

"We love doing it," she said. "This is only our third year but we plan on being here lots and lots more."

And the same goes for Steve and Liz because it may be a long weekend, "It's a lot of tough hours," Steve said.

"It's a lot of work," Liz said. "It's long days,"

"You're pretty tired by the time you get home," Freeman said.

But it's worth it, "I just enjoy it all," Steve said.

"It's a lot of fun," Liz said.

"It's just great," Freeman said.

Let the Decatur Celebration begin. Volunteers are pretty much set for this year but if people want to help next year, they can contact Decatur Celebration.

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