Police Looking to Solve Cold Case


DECATUR-Sherry Lewis was a realtor, a daughter, and a twin sister. And on August 5th, 1994 she became a victim of a brutal crime.

Lewis was killed during an appointment to show a home on finch drive. She was beaten and strangled.

We're told there was no forced entry and that she fought for her life.

Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider-one of the original detectives to work the case.

"there's a lot of advances we have seen over that 19 years regarding technology and we are using today's science's to be able to assist us in an evidentiary value to help us."

The sheriff would not confirm if there is DNA evidence in case. He says there are persons of interest in the case but wouldn't identify them.

The sheriff says there may have been more then one person involved and there are persons of interest but won't release their names at this time. Crime stoppers of Decatur-Macon County is upping the reward-- to help solve the murders of both Sherry Lewis and Caleb Witty.

An anonymous donor if offering 10-thousand dollars to help move "each" investigation along.

The reward is only being offered for a short period of time.

It expires August 31st.

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