Illinois Catches Powerball Fever


The lottery buzz is at a fever pitch in Jacksonville after Terry Barnett and his wife won $6.2M at the local Clark gas station.

As he puts it, all it takes is one chance.

Barnett says he's been playing the same lottery numbers for nearly 30 years, never expecting to be the big winner.

With his recent luck, and the Powerball's $425M jackpot, people are catching lottery fever.

Owner of the station that sold the winning ticket, Richard Fanning, told WAND News that,"in the past week alone, our lottery transactions are up about 30 percent from the previous week and it's obviously because of the larger jackpot."

"When you have a grand prize this size, it's certainly makes the people in this state more aware of the lottery.  It makes the lottery more relevant to them," added Illinois Lottery Superintendent.

As for Barnett, after taxes, he and his wife will take home about $3M from their lottery winnings.


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