Scam Targets Local Babysitters


DECATUR-A new scam is hitting central Illinois. And it's targeting babysitters.

Kenna Hutton found a posting that caught her eye on Decatur's Craigslist.

It was for a babysitting job.

The poster said she was from out of the country and would be moving to Decatur.

She would pay Hutton 400 dollars each week.

She said she needed help setting up like buying groceries and things for the children.

The texts and emails were detailed and Hutton says they seemed legitimate.

"It seemed like it was real," says Hutton. "They had names for the kids, details like you know we're going to have the house keys brought to you. It seemed like it."

But when she sent Hutton a check for more than 2 thousand dollars, a red flag went up.

When the poster asked Hutton to wire money back.

Hutton never deposited the check and took it to a coin exchange where she learned the check was fake.   

Here's more information about how to avoid job posting scams like these:

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