Springfield police department issues scam warning


SPRINGFIELD -  The Springfield Police Department has received calls from the public reference subjects calling and telling them that they have won a large sum of money and they need to send $1500.00 or more to an address out of state to process the transaction. 

If the victims start to question the validity of the call they are informed that the Springfield Police have checked into the matter and they will have a Detective call them.  A short time later the victims receive a call from a blocked number stating they are with the police department, the last caller reported to be Lt. Handlin who is employed by SPD, and told the victims the winnings have been verified and it would be ok to send the money.

We want to remind everyone that you should never send anyone money to claim any type of prize. The Police Department will not call you on a blocked line, and we would never tell anyone to send money to claim a prize.    

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