Heavenly Seven helping students


Seven men are making a countless difference in Urbana. Saturday a group called the Heavenly Seven collected school supplies that they will give-away to first through sixth graders next week.

Seven men are collecting school supplies like crayons, notebooks and binders.

"We just got together to try to help the community and the kids out," said Augustus Johnson President of the Heavenly Seven.

It is the group's seventh year taking in donations.

"We come up with all these ideas about back to school," Johnson said.

Because supplies are expensive, "The money's just not there like it used to be." Johnson said.

"It's needed," he added. So the group is hoping to fulfill that need.

"We just want to try to help the parents and the kids," Johnson explained.

The weekend was all about collecting donations, while next weekend, it's all about giving the supplies to those in need.

"They're going to be a million kids here next week, for the give-away next week," said jokingly Robert Woodard Chaplain of the Heavenly Seven.

The group hopes to provide about 200 students with backpacks filled with supplies.

"Some of them will be so heavy they can hardly carry them," Johnson said.

And now with the help from the seven men plus the community, "they [students] have their proper tools to work with to get a proper education."

And they are equipped to handle an important lesson.

"Learn," Woodard said. "Because without an education you're doomed is the way that I feel."

They're ready to go back to school. The give-away will be Saturday, August 14 at 10 a.m. It is first come first serve.

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