State Fair Veteran's Day marked by Gov. Quinn signing bills


Governor Pat Quinn is making his mark by signing four bills at the Illinois State Fair that help veterans. It was in front of dozens of vets and their families at the state fair on a day dedicated to those who served.

"There's a military tradition in our state among many many families," the Governor said. "We should really honor that and I think today is a good day to do that."

Gov. Quinn said he always tries to be here at the Illinois State Fair on Veteran's Day. It's a special day meant to remember and honor those who served and bring them together.

"Today is a day of recognition but every day should be a day of action," he said.

The bills will take action to help women veterans, veteran owned businesses and maintaining memorials. And as much as this day is about taking steps forward for veterans, "It's also an opportunity for families to come to a state fair where you can have fun but at the same time do something important.

It's also about looking back and remembering those who have served.

"It's very solemn," said Wally Hammond a Vietnam era veteran fighting back tears. "It means a lot... for veterans those that survived the conflict and returned home and they didn't."

And while Sunday was about honoring them, "I think every day we can find ways to volunteer and help our veterans," said Gov. Quinn. It's another day to remember them.

The State Fair manager said that each year up to 10,000 veterans come out on this day. Veterans and their families got in for free.

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