Harvest time just around the corner


Springfield – Time for harvest is just about a month away, and farm equipment will be back on the road.


The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office and Sangamon County Farm Bureau is warning drivers to be on the lookout. In addition they are also asking farmers to be sure to give drives space to pass when possible.


When you see slow, heavy equipment on the road, police say the best thing for drivers is to be patient. Sangamon County Under Sheriff, Jack Campbell says there are things both parties can do to make it easier on the road, "We encourage the operators of slow moving vehicles to pull over when they can, but again, those things are so wide now I know they have to be careful about taking out a mailbox or anything else, so patience is the word here this season."


Leaders from the Farm Bureau recommended that farmers avoid roadways during peak hours, such as morning work commute and in the evening when people are heading home.


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