New details released from arrest warrant in murder investigation


Decatur – New details for a murder investigation involving Mt. Zion Resident, Chad Cutler.

In April 2012, Lisa Cutler was found unresponsive in her Mt. Zion home. Now police say her husband, Chad Cutler, forcibly drowned her.

Police say Chad called 9-11. When police got there, he said he was sleeping while his wife had drowned.

But the medical examiner writes Lisa had bruises on the backs of elbows and the front and back of her head, consistent with a physical struggle.

Police say Chad Cutler was found to have scratches on his arm. His only explanation, that he may have scratched himself. But Illinois State Police found male DNA under Lisa's fingernails, and Chad could not be ruled out.

A forensic expert writes the "death due to drowning could only have been from forced drowning."

And the arrest warrant hints at a motive.

Police say just hours after Lisa's death, chad texts another woman offering to let her live in his house, saying he's never felt this way about anyone else including his "ex" and that he would pay for the mortgage with a secret life insurance policy.

The week before Lisa's death, two additional life insurance policies were taken out in Lisa's name with chad the sole beneficiary.

In total, he would have gotten one point two million dollars if police hadn't arrested him for murdering his wife.

 Lisa Cutler was a Decatur teacher and mother. The Macon County Coroner told WAND the preliminary cause of death was drowning.

 A coroner's inquest is set for later this month.

 Her husband, Chad Cutler was arrested on first degree murder charges. He is being held in the Macon County Jail on a $5,000,000 bond.  He's set to appear in court on September 4th. 



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