Illinois governor signs teen tanning ban


Chicago - Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation that bans tanning in Illinois for anyone under age 18.


Quinn signed the measure on Thursday, saying he wants to spare families "serious and preventable" health problems.


Its supporters include 51-year-old Donna Moncivaiz (mon-sih-VAY'-az) of Beach Park. Moncivaiz is a former tanner who suffers from late-stage melanoma. She testified at a Senate committee hearing in support of the ban. Her daughter had an early-stage melanoma removed from her hip.


Tanning industry advocates say a ban is bad for small businesses. They say parents, not the government, should decide if children can use tanning equipment.


The American Academy of Dermatology says about 8 percent of those who tan indoors in the U.S. every year are teens.


Chicago and Springfield already ban teen tanning.

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