Inquest for the death investigation of Decatur teacher


Decatur – A death inquest took place Wednesday morning for Decatur teacher Lisa Cutler.


The death is now a murder investigation. Earlier in August Lisa's husband Chad Cutler was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder.


Lisa Cutler was found dead in her Mt. Zion home in April 2012. Now police say her husband forcibly drowned her. We learned last week from an arrest warrant, hours after Lisa Cutler's death Chad Cutler sent a text message to another woman.


Chad Cutler allegedly offered to let the woman live in his house and he would use Lisa's "secret" life insurance policy to pay off the mortgage.


The week before Lisa's death, two additional life insurance policies were taken out in Lisa's name with Chad the sole beneficiary.


In total, he would have gotten one point two million dollars if police hadn't arrested him for murdering his wife.


We will have more following the inquest tonight at 4, 5 and 6p.m.

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