BG Nevitt memorial service: A celebration of life


A beloved pastor and friend is remembered Wednesday night. Thousands gathered to celebrate the life of BG Nevitt who died Saturday in a motorcycle crash.

It can be described in one word: spectacular. When Pastor Matt Samuels talked to WAND, he said Nevitt was very explicit about what he wanted his memorial service to be like. He said Pastor Nevitt told him to make the day fun. He didn't want people crying. He wanted a 'spectacular' service.

"You can replace anything in your life except a person like BG. It's just impossible," described church member and City of Decatur Police Officer Cory Barrows.

Pastor Nevitt is a man so many will remember and miss.

"I mean I could talk about this guy for days," said church member Rachel Wilson.

And Wednesday evening some talked about him by sharing their stories as thousands celebrated his life. A life that each day, he described as 'spectacular.'

"Spectacular. That was his word spectacular," said GT Church Pastor Matt Samuels.

Everyone who knew Nevitt has their own memories, but one unique trait none of them will forget.

"His laugh," Wilson said. "His laugh was contagious. Like you had to start laughing or at least smile when you heard his laughter because it was just so full of life. It was just beautiful."

"He was always larger than life," Barrows described. "He has the most infectious laugh and the best personality."

And part of who Nevitt was included his motorcycle. Before the service, a motorcycle ride was held in his honor. And while Wednesday was about looking back at the man Nevitt was, it's also about moving forward.

"We're going to move forward and we're going to honor his life by loving people," Pastor Samuels said.

And people will continue to love Nevitt.

"He always cared more about you," said church member Ron Eagan. "He was always so upbeat.  He was just a great guy."

"He was just truly, truly amazing," Wilson described. And 'spectacular.'

Pastor Nevitt died in a crash while riding his motorcycle. The driver of that car, a 19-year-old woman. Church leaders said they do not hold a grudge against her. They said what happened was an accident and that there is a place for her at GT Church.

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