Governor Quinn Calls for Raise in Minimum Wage


Springfield - For years Governor Quinn has said the state's minimum wage doesn't pay enough.

He's often said people shouldn't work 40 hours a week and still live in poverty.

Now he says the state's minimum wage should be bumped up to $10 an hour, but some business owners say an increase could have an effect nobody wants to see such as making it harder for some to get jobs.

"Let's say we get a guy off the street with a great attitude, he's ready to work, but he isn't as good as everybody else, that position would be completely gone now.  As to now, where it is now where it's not as high you can get your foot in the door, and still get a little bit of training on the job.  I would just be worried for the people who are more unskilled than others," said Nick Dodson.

Dodson, of the Dublin Pub in Springfield, said that a raise in wages could even mean a loss of job, or fewer hours for current employees.

"I could see it cutting our staff by not a substantial amount by any means, but I have a lot of people that maybe get 30 hours a week.  I might have to get rid of the bottom feeders and give everybody 39 and a half and just really work them tight, because we wouldn't have the room for all of these other people to just kind of learn the job because of all the training dollars we would spend to get them where they need to be to be able to work by themselves," added Dodson.

If Illinois' minimum wage is bumped up to $10, that would actually seat them 4th highest in the nation.


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