A million dollars in drugs found on a Greyhound Bus


Decatur – Police find a large amount of drugs hiding out on a Greyhound Bus.


Police found an estimated $1,000,000.00 in cocaine traveling from Yuma, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois on a Greyhound Bus. The bus made a stop at the Pilot Travel Center, at 4030 Boyd Road in Decatur, where detectives were awaiting the arrival.


Enrique Tomas Vaughan-Montano was traveling on the bus with three pieces of luggage. Police asked Montano if they could search his bag, after they observed numerous indicators of criminal activity during their conversation.


During the search police found three bags filled with illegal drugs. Detectives seized packages concealed in the lining of all three suitcases with a total weight of 8,095 grams.


Montano told police an unknown suspect gave him the luggage in Yuma, the man promised to pay him $1,000 for delivering the bags to Chicago. Montano told police he agreed to the deal, and was not aware of the drugs in the suitcases.


Montano is currently being held in the Macon County Jail on a $2,500,000.00 bond.

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