Benefit helps baby with rare disease


It's one local family's goal to raise $50,000. The Hoots family and their nearly eight-month-old son, Crosby, has a rare disease called biliary atresia and needs a liver transplant. It is a disease that affects the liver and the bile ducts that occurs in infants.  To help him and other children who are in need of organs the family held a benefit at Timbuktu Saloon in Decatur Saturday. Each dollar will go to help the family with medical bills.

"He's tiny for his age, but he's a perfect little boy," said Crosby's grandmother Janice Broughton. "His skin is a little yellow, of course, and the whites of his eyes are a little bit yellow, but other than that, he's a very happy, content baby."

Crosby is on the organ donor list. The family said there are about ten children on the list in this area. The money collected will benefit the Children's Organ Transplant Association in honor of Crosby.

"We need organ donors for children, too and that it's very important for people to be organ donors," Broughton said.

The life expectancy of a child with this disease is two years.


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