Helping Hands Looking to Move into New Building



Springfield - Currently in a temporary facility, the helping hands group is helping the homeless beat the heat during the day, and the night.

Executive Director Rod Lane said that the group provides the homeless with a number of services.

"We have our day services where people can come in and use our facility at any time during the day and have a safe place to stay cool or warm in the winter, receive case management support, use the restroom, get a water," said Lane.

The group is looking for a permanent home, and to do so, they'll need a change in zoning from the city.

Despite concerns from nearby neighbors, Lane added the city has a real need for a permanent shelter.

"Those that are actually coming in and using our services.  Using our services means they're not out in the public, and if they are inside using our services you'll find using our services means they're moving forward, rather than just sitting," said Lane.


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