Unsolved murder reward set to expire


Decatur – Time is running out to get a $10,000 reward for information on two unsolved murders in Decatur.


The Caleb Witty and Sherry Lewis cases remain unsolved. Decatur Police are still investigating what happened to 17 year old Witty, who was murdered during an armed robbery two years ago. The murder took place on the weekend of the Decatur Celebration.


Police are also asking for help in a murder case 19 years ago. 30 year old Sherry Lewis who was a real estate agent, was found murdered at a home on Finch Drive. The case is being investigated by the Macon County Sheriff's Department.


Macon County Sheriff's Office, Lt Jonathan Butts hopes the new leads will come in "we are hoping it generates new leads and if not new leads at least new information and try to breathe new life into this case."


The reward is set to expire tomorrow.

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