Scovill Zoo Animals Beating the Heat


It certainly doesn't feel like the start to September with day time highs near ninety degrees and heat index values making the actual temperatures feel like it's closer to one-hundred degrees. The heat is hard enough on humans, so we decided to check up on the animals at Scovill Zoo in Decatur. Zoo keeper Heather Purdeu says all the animals are dealing with the heat just fine. In order to keep the animals cool, they make sure the animals always have plenty of water. The animals' water is also changed often because who would want to drink warm water? Animals are fed frozen treats, such as food mixed in with ice cubes. The Red Pandas from China are used to cool, damp climates, so the zoo provides the pandas with plenty of water running into the top of the cage. The Bactrian Camels from Mongolia and the African Meerkats cool off by enjoying treats hidden within ice cubes.  It's safe to say that all Scovill Zoo animals are doing well with the heat.

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