Teens suspected of cop impersonation


Springfield - Two teens from Chatham are suspects in the latest cop impersonation in Sangamon County.


The sheriff's department is still investigating the incident. Under Sheriff Jack Campbell told WAND that this appears to be an isolated incident and that people have no reason to fear the police when being pulled over.


With the help of two witnesses the two alleged cop impersonators have been identified.  Campbell said the victim gave police information that was imperative to solving the crime "luckily the victim in this case was a perfect witness.  He was able to get us enough information, which included a license plate number which was imperative for us to locate them quickly."


Campbell also added, in a scary situation like this it is better to be a witness instead of trying to be a hero.


The suspects have not been charged at this time. Deputies say that there were at least three other victims stopped by these two suspects, two in cars and one pedestrian.


If you are ever suspicious when being pulled over, the best thing to do is have 911 ready just incase they are needed.

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