Locals Outraged by Proposal to Expand Strip Joint


NEOGA - A business owner's hope to grow his Cumberland County strip club has area residents unhappy.

According to Neoga City Council meeting minutes from August 12, Bob Kearney, owner of Schoolhouse Gentleman's Club in the outskirts of town, wants to purchase land and relocate the business to a more populated area.

He proposed a plan to council members to buy the Industrial Park lot in-town near the interstate, and employ close to 30 part-time workers.

The plan has many locals outraged, who would prefer to see the club disappear all together. Bill Mason, who lives across from the club at its current location on County Rd 200 East in Toledo, says the business is noisy, immoral and "contaminates [the] community."

On Wednesday, a club worker could not be reached for comment. According to City Council meeting minutes, members have agreed to review the proposal.


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