Workers average salary dwindling since 2009


Decatur - Since 2009, the average Decatur workers salary has decreased several thousand of dollars.


However, that's not the case across the US. A new Gallop Poll shows that in most places workers paychecks have increased with the cost of living. According to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Decatur's active workforce has declined by more than 7,500 workers since 2009.


The average yearly salary for Decatur workers has dropped $4,000 and for hourly employees wages went down more than $2. Decatur Manpower who helps people find jobs says with the cost of living going up many workers hope to put more money in their pockets to help meet necessities to survive.


Decatur Manpower also says that temporary jobs are on the rise and many of those jobs turn permanent. The organization says they are seeing a steady need for light industrial workers.


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