Cruise 11 to Remember 9/11 honors veterans, BG Nevitt


For five years Decatur's Cruise 11 to Remember 9/11 event has remembered those who have fought for our country.  It's a fundraiser that this year raises money for Christmas gifts for veterans.  Sunday an 11 mile ride was held in their honor.

Gordon Brenner shined his 1973 corvette among old time Chevrolets, Thunderbirds, even wagons that lined the streets of Decatur's Central Park.

"It's just car enthusiasts supporting a cause," Brenner said.  "[It's a cause] to bring awareness to veterans causes and our 9/11 responders."

Brenner is a Purple Heart Vietnam veteran.

"I was wounded twice and had malaria while I was over there," he explained.

He added, "lucky to be alive and back here."

And here in the middle of cars there is Dixie's trailer.

"Oh, it's fun," said food vendor Dixie Hedden.  "Everyone loves to eat."

She's been dishing out food all five years of the event, but this year, she explained, was different.

"This one is also remembering BG Nevitt," Hedden said.

GT Church's Pastor Nevitt was this year's intended keynote speaker.

"I understand he was excited about it," she said.  "[He] told people he couldn't wait. He had told people that he was happy to be a part of it."

Now he is a part of our memories.  Nevitt recently died in a motorcycle crash.

"I think it's a little more somber this year because of that," Hedden described.

"God had another plan," Brenner said.  "The event goes on and hopefully we can memorialize him that way."

Memorialize him and others who have fought for our country.

"Freedom's not free," Brenner said.  "Somewhere, some way, somebody's paid a price and a lot of people throughout the years have paid that price."

Brenner paid that price while others cruise to remember.

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