People Protest Bombing Syria


 URBANA-Folks holding signs on Main Street sending a message to Washington.

"These are members of the community who took time out of their day to stand on a street corner and hold signs to show the depths of their opposition to this war,"says Robert Naiman, who organized the group of protesters.

The dozens gathered, oppose to military intervention in Syria. One voice in the crowd former

Congressman Tim Johnson.

"Taxpayers have dramatic needs and we're spending it to fight a war that has no goal and whose only result would be to kill innocent people," Johnson says.

He and the others here trying to show Representative Rodney Davis and Senator Dick Durbin what they think.

"We need to stand up for human lives. We need to stand up for decency," Johnson says.

Lighting candles and asking for peace.

"Whether it's Bush, Obama, LBJ or Richard Nixon, it's been one series of failed efforts after another and we have to put a stop to it," Johnson says.

Put a stop to intervention abroad.

"We're not just talking about a couple days of cruise missiles," Naiman says. "We could be talking about a quagmire

But only time will tell, what the men and women in Washington will decide.

The US Senate has delayed it's vote that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Senator Durbin voted last week in committee to support intervention. Davis has made statements before, hinting that he leans toward "no."

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