Press conference shedding light on the death of Willow Long


Watson - A press conference for the death of Willow Long took place Wednesday. Here is what we know now.


Police released a probable cause statement in court. The document revealed that Willow asked her uncle, 22 year old Justin DeRyke to watch TV on Saturday night around 11. She tugged on DeRyke's arm, scratching him. Willow ran outside after DeRyke yelled at her.


When DeRyke went to find her she had fallen into a pile of brush and fell on a stick injuring her. The report says that DeRyke saw her moving on the ground. He told police that he did not want to see her suffering. That is when DeRyke stabbed Willow several times with a kitchen knife.


DeRyke then wrapped her in plastic and dumped her body.


DeRyke has been charged with three counts of first degree murder.


The States attorney said in a press conference that this is one of  the most heartbreaking events in Effingham County's history.


The case remains open. However, no other person of interest is being sought. The state's attorney reassures that the community is safe.  


Willow was reported missing Sunday morning from her home in Watson. Hundreds of volunteers and police searched for Willow on Monday until volunteers were called off for heat. Volunteers were called back at 5 p.m. to resume the search. 


Around 7:30 p.m. Monday night four volunteers found a small child in an area south of the village of Watson in Effingham County. An autopsy confirmed the identify of the body to be Willow Long.

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