Meth Lab Busts on the Rise; Recovering Addicts Warning Others to Quit Habit


Taylorville - The ingredients to meth sound more like a shopping list at a house wares store.

"They go out and buy lye, and of course the psudeophedrine.  They've got to get Coleman fuel.  They get batteries," Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp told WAND News.

This dangerous recipe creates a high that some seek on a daily basis, and it comes with serious side effects.

"I can remember bits and pieces and everything was just a bunch of chaos.  I was out of control, I mean, I went from 185 pounds to 135 pounds in about a month, maybe a month and a half," said a recovering addicted who asked to remain anonymous.

While the person asked not to reveal his name or identity, he said that he wanted to share his story and hopefully teach others a hard lesson that he had to learn.

"I wish I'd never gotten on it.  Honestly, I wish I'd never gotten any of the drugs I tried," he added.

A story that is far too familiar for many.


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