Two deaths reported from West Nile Virus


Macon County - The firs two deaths from the West Nile Virus are both here in central Illinois.


The first a 75 year old Decatur man. A private lab confirmed the positive test results, but the department of public health is still investigating.


The second confirmed death is in Logan County. According to the Illinois Department of Health's website there are the first reported deaths this year from the virus.


However, five people have gotten sick Local mosquito abatement crews have been aware of the West Nile threat since they first discovered it a couple of months ago.


Director of the Macon County Mosquito Abatement District, Jackie Evans-Moser continues to warn of the dangers " Any water that might be standing in a forgotten pool or an ornamental pond that the pump is broken on those are the things that are in peoples' yards that are causing this uptick in mosquitoes."


You can also protect yourself by wearing repellent and light colored, long sleeve clothing.

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