Local Businesses Helping Clean Up Springfield


Springfield - As you enter Springfield's east side from Route 29, first thing you come across is South Grand and Dirksen's intersection.

When you look at Springfield's downtown, it's full of design and beauty.

Now, local businesses are hoping to bring that same look to the city's east side.

"That does make a statement for our community.  It shows that we care about where we live and the way it looks, and how it reflects on us," Springfield's Public Works Community Programs Coordinator Abby Walden told WAND News.

With the help of local businesses and the Springfield Green Beautification project, Springfield's east side will have a different look, without affecting the city's public works budget.

"Budgets are always tight.  With any business, we have to choose our priorities, and landscaping is not top priority for us.  And any time we can get community members to step up and helps out really relieves the burden on us," added Walden.

By beautifying the area, it could mean more people shopping in local stores.

"I think it can only make it better.  If people are impressed or feel positively about what they see, as they're driving into town, from whichever direction, it's only going to make things better for everybody," said Barney's Furniture President Barry Seidman.


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