Safe and Well Site Helps Find Loved Ones


Decatur- When a disaster hits, making sure your family is safe, is a top priority.

For Donna Scharf, her daughter Jackie Ratliff went missing during an earthquake in California about 10 years ago.

"I started trying to call my daughter on her cell phone, her father's cell phone, their work phones and nobody was answering," Scharf said.

With the help of the American Red Cross, Jackie was found.

"It probably wasn't that long, but it felt like hours and hours and hours. . . Finally my daughter got through and everybody was fine and okay," Scharf added. "The Red Cross calmed me down and told me everything was ok."

Safe and Well is a website designed for situations like Scharf's. It connects and locates loved ones.

"You'll put your information up there and it might put a little note up there saying we're all together, we're fine, we're safe. Just a little message so you can let people outside there know," Said the Mid-Illinois' Executive Director of The American Red Cross.

If you are the one searching for a family member, click on register and start searching. 

"You can put some information saying, trying to locate you," Baker added.

"I had to stumble across it and I went through incredible anxiety until I found it and now it's out there and it's more in the fore front. I would advise for people to make that their first go to. If they can't get in touch with their loved ones, I would make that their definite go to place," Scharf said.

If you have loved ones who are missing and you are looking for them miles away, search on Safe and Well, to bring them back home.

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