Council votes to improve bridges


Decatur - The city plans to make a smoother and safer ride for drivers.


The city council approved a plan to fix several bridges on Mound Road. The updates will help the structures, and drivers overall safety. Decatur city council members unanimously approved a $115,000 contract, involving structure repairs to three bridges.


The three bridges carry Mound Road over Spring Creek between Martin Luther King Junior Drive and Greenswitch Road. Last year federal safety inspectors said repairs were necessary.


Drives who use the road say they are happy to hear of the upcoming repairs. Teairra Smith told WAND it will make for a safer drive " I think it's a good idea. Because it makes it a lot safer for people to drive around. I mean it's not very safe right now because of all the bumps in it and people getting into wrecks out there."


The money for the project comes from tax dollars. Specifically the city's portion of the state's gas tax. However, construction is not expect start until the Summer of 2015.

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