Washington Shooting Serves as Reminder for Emergency Responders


Springfield - Monday started out like any other for many in Washington, but in a blink of an eye, it quickly took a dangerous turn.

A shooting that left several dead, and others wondering why.

When an attack or disaster strikes, having a large-scale emergency plan in place, including a mobile alert system, can make a difference.

According to Sangamon County Under Campbell said that,"it's as simple as an email, you hit the send button, to tens of thousands of people, and notify them of a tragic event, or let's say a shooter."

Homeland Security's telecommunications manager Michael Midiri added that,"we're trying to get all of the citizens to opt in and subscribe to the system."

While Monday's tragedy may have happened far from here, that doesn't mean something like this couldn't happen in central Illinois.

"We have to prepare for everything, so in our training, we give an overview of a massive event, and how we could communicate better, and how we can already have training in place, and even in resources in place," added Campbell.

"What happened in Washington, that's a good reminder, why we really really wanted this system," said Midiri.

Monday's attack will survive as a reminder of how tragedy can happen when you least expect it.


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