How Crime Stoppers Works


DECATUR-When many people give a tip to crime stoppers they worry if their tip truly remains anonymous. So we put it to the test at Macon County crime stoppers.

When you text a tip or send one online the message goes to a bank in Canada where they remove any identifying information. Then the tip gets bounced back to the local database.

Tipsters are assigned code numbers and are referred to by these.

If a person calls they come up on the caller id as "external"

Crime prevention officer Shawn Guenther says the only way people will know you called is if you take the initiative.

"The only way they're going to endanger themselves is if they tell somebody themselves," Guenther says. "There's no way anybody's going to find out they called unless they say something."

The payout is also anonymous. Board members not police meet the tipster and give out the cash to the tipster who verifies the code.   

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