"You Are Not Alone" Child Abuse Campaign


One in five children are abused or neglected before they turn 18, according to the Department of Children and Family Services, but DCFS wants to change that.

"You Are Not Alone" is the recent way DCFS hopes to make a difference. The campaign is launched and schools across the state will soon have the new posters at high traffic areas. This is so kids can see them and reach out for help if they need to.

"Abused and neglected children may feel like they are alone. Like they are the only ones this is happening to. They may be told not to tell. So this is a way to put it out there and let them know you are not the only one this is happening too," said Jennifer Florent of DCFS.

Organizers hope to blanket the state with the posters. They will distribute 25,000 posters. Already more than 300 school districts have ordered the "You Are Not Alone" posters so far and the launch was just about a week and a half ago.

If you would like to order the free posters for your school, just email Jennifer Florent at Jennifer.Florent@illinois.Gov.

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