Marketplace to be called 'Get Covered Illinois'


CHICAGO (AP) -- Illinois officials have decided on a brand name for the new health insurance marketplace set to open Tuesday.

Gov. Pat Quinn's administration unveiled the name Wednesday: It's "Get Covered Illinois." The brand tagline is "The Official Health Marketplace."


Deputy Gov. Cristal Thomas says the administration wanted a name that was "very clear about what this product has to offer."


The brand and logo are part of a multimillion-dollar ad campaign beginning Tuesday and building through the fall and winter. Uninsured Illinoisans have until the end of March to buy health insurance through Get Covered Illinois.


State officials expect at least 300,000 people to sign up for coverage using new options available through President Barack Obama's health care law. The Affordable Care Act requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance.


Here is an inside glimpse of what you may pay for coverage. A 25-year-old nonsmoker could pay around $120 depending on where you live. A 55-year-old nonsmoker will pay around $266 for their monthly premium. Smokers will pay around $20 more.

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