Police find a gun, bullets, and magazines on a Greyhound Bus


Decatur - An escapee from Alabama has been arrested by Decatur Police.


Reginald Murphy, 25, was traveling on a Greyhound Bus to Chicago. Police say they found a duffle bag  with a gun, bullets, and magazines on the bus, while the bus was stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Decatur. 


Murphy denied that the bag was his. However, Murphy was seated on the bus, with a gray duffle bag when police asked him for his name. 


After Murphy spoke with officers he entered the Pilot Travel Center.  At the end of the scheduled stop police asked if the duffle bag they found belonged to anyone, when the bag was unclaimed police searched the bag, finding the guns, bullets and the magazines inside.


Police suspected the bag belonged to Murphy, when they found clothes inside the bag matching his size. Murphy then stated he found the bag at a bus terminal outside of Illinois. He told police that he would sell the guns once he arrived in Chicago.


Murphy is currently being held in the Macon County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

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