Knights of Columbus and Community Banding Together for Oasis


DECATUR- A lack in funds has almost forced the Oasis Homeless Center to close. The center's three-year grant has expired, and they are unable to renew the grant; this leaves Oasis facing a major gap in state funding. Thanks to help from the community, Oasis has been able to continue serving the homeless every day from seven in the morning to five at night, three-hundred-sixty-five days per year. The homeless center continues to struggle, though. This past weekend, Knights of Columbus hosted a fundraiser dance in order to help save Oasis. This was the first time Columbus Hall held a fundraiser solely for Oasis. Admission was ten dollars at the door, with all proceeds going toward Oasis Homeless Center in Decatur. The dance was open to anyone who paid the admission fee. Guests got the opportunity to dance to five live bands and chances to win from eighty-six donated prizes. To learn more about Oasis Homeless Center or to make a donation, visit The next dance at Knights of Columbus Hall is the Singles/Couples Dance on October 20th from five to eight at night. Admission will be ten dollars, and proceeds will be split between the Pregnancy Center and Oasis Homeless Center in Decatur.

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