Women's Shelter Breaks Ground


CHAMPAIGN-It's called Merci's Refuge and the goal is to give 16 women a chance to find their purposes in life and overcome their pasts through faith. Breaking ground on Merci's refuge in Champaign. The wood stakes and yellow rope marking off where the building will be.

It's a building that's been years in the works--- a live-in facility that will offer women who are struggling a chance to turn their lives around.

It's to be located next to living initiative pregnancy center which will be affiliated with Merci's Refuge.

The point is to give women an environment safe from abuse and away from any external pressures so they can focus on their personal and spiritual development.

There will be no cost for the women who go through the program.

Greta Henry is the director of Champaign ministries and says they hope to set 8 women at first and eventually 16 women on the right path.

"We want the girls to be able to transition out and into the community and if they have children, to be able to embrace them and be able to live the life they've always dreamed of but couldn't,"Henry says.

The refuge will cost 600 thousand dollars when it's all said and done. So far, they've raised half that.

They are expecting to be open at the earliest this May.   

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