Homecoming fit for a king


Saturday night was a memorable night for the students at Mount Zion High School homecoming as a very special member of the senior class, crowned homecoming king. TJ Pruitt was born with cerebral palsy. Well known among has his classmates, they thought he would made the perfect king.

At the homecoming dance Pruitt will roll up on stage with his homecoming queen right behind him.

"Talk around town was just TJ Pruitt for king, TJ Pruitt would be incredible and I was just like oh my God, I'd be so blessed to be a part of that," Homecoming Queen Maria Schollmeier described.

Pruitt was born with cerebral palsy. He can't walk or talk. He uses an iPad to communicate with friends and family.

"He can make you laugh no matter your mood," Schollmeier said.

He's very involved in Mount Zion athletic activities.

"I do the coin toss right here," Pruitt said using his iPad.

Every home football game, he does the coin toss.

"The team just loves him and said that they'd do anything for him," said his mother Erica Perry. "That's what coach had told him."

Pruitt had no idea he was being nominated for king.

"Oh yes, oh yes. I definitely voted for him," Schollmeier said. "He was number one choice from the get-go."

When he found out he won, "he said he was having the best week ever," Perry said. "And that it was the best year ever."

Schollmeier and Pruitt will be crowned queen and king on the stage.

"Everything thought will go so fast," Pruitt said.

"Tonight is going to be like the best experience of my life," Schollmeier said.

It's a night to remember, an experience fit for a king.

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