U of I Professors Looking for Job Security


CHAMPAIGN-URBANA- The Champaign News-Gazette reports faculty, lecturers, instructors, and others who don't have tenure are hoping the University of Illinois will take steps that would give them more job stability. Some are even assessing the need for a faculty union in Urbana. In the last decade, enrollment has steadily climbed to a record high of more than forty-thousand students. More students means more demand for required courses in subjects, such as English and foreign languages. Many units have turned to non tenure-track faculty in order to meet this increase in demand. The News-Gazette goes on to report that non tenured professors desire that job security and voice that their tenured colleagues have. Administrators have been reviewing issues that are specific to non tenured instructors. A spokeswoman from the university says the goal is to have some policies in place sometime during this academic year.

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