Men Get Breast Cancer Too


Decatur- You may think breast cancer is the disease affecting only woman, but that's not the case at all. Men can get breast cancer as well.

No they don't need routine mammogram like women, but doctor's said, they do need to get checked out. Especially if they notice an abnormal mass and physical exams can detect breast cancer.

Dr. Bassam Maalouf at Decatur's Cancer Care Center said, "there's about roughly 2,000 cases of male breast cancer in the United States. The ratio female to male is about 100/1."

If you happen to be that one in the ratio of 100/1 or 70/1 with African Americans, Leigh Ann Hale, the Patient Services Coordinator at the Cancer Care Institute said, there are resources in Decatur available.

"It may be financial. It may be medications. It may be transportation and those are all the things I can help them with and lead them into the right direction," added Hale.

One resource is art therapy at the Cancer Care Institute. Nicole Putong is one of the Millikin students who interns for the program.

"I just feel so special to be a part of it," said Putong.

Dr. Maalouf said, obesity can increase a male's risk of breast cancer. For men diagnosed with the disease, the treatment is similar to that of women, but the medications are different.

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