Farmers Feeling Effects of Government Shutdown


Springfield - To see the impacts of the government shutdown, you need to look no farther than your local farmers.  

With federal information they use in their day to day operations no longer available, frustration is setting in.  

"There's an information hole there that exists with federal information programs which then trickles down to the state ag statistics," said Sangamon County Extension Director John Fulton.

However, ag experts say it's not as bad as things may appear.

While lawmakers work at the capitol, farmers are hard at work with this year's harvest.

According to Fulton, farmers do still have ways to get the numbers they need.

"Through the local elevators, which then resell to a processor.  So those markets are still in place.  You can deliver your grain to the elevator, dump it out, and tell them you want to sell it and they'll give you a price," said Fulton.

If the shutdown continues, it's a price we could all pay, but as director Fulton told WAND News, unless something drastic happens, it'll be quite some time before consumers will see effects at the market.


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