CWLP warns of scam calls


Springfield - City, Water, Light and Power has again received reports of customers receiving scam calls.


The caller is asking the customers for payment in order for them to avoid being disconnected. These recent phone calls are from a person named Darren calling from a 1888-433-6083 (ext. 220), which is a working number.


The scammer claims to work for CWLP and is a contractor for Ruby Electric. Similar scams have been reported this year by other utilities in the country.


Here are some things the customer needs to know:

  • Any customer who is unsure if a phone call is actually coming from CWLP should take the caller's name and telephone number, hang up and then call CWLP Customer Service at 789-2030 to verify account status.
  • No calls made to customers on behalf of the utility would come from an Area Code other than 217;
  • CWLP never blocks its identify from caller ID systems;
  • When CWLP representatives make courtesy calls to let customers know their accounts are in arrears, they inform the customers they have one business day to make a payment and they never initiate a suggestion that the customer make the payment by phone;
  • Other than when a customer requests to make a payment by phone, the only personal information a CWLP representative would ever request over the phone would be the last four digits of the customer's Social Security Number, which might be needed to verify the representative is speaking with the customer;
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