Blind Teen Competes on XC Team


CLINTON - A young cross country and track runner is inspiring all around her.

Hannah Williams, 13, of Clinton has been running for her school's teams for two years, despite being legally blind.

As an infant, Williams was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer that led her to lose one eye, and sight in the other.

Yet that doesn't stop her from competing.

"When I finish a race, I feel like I've accomplished something," the seventh grader told WAND news.

"She's always been quite a fireball. Nothing holds her back, says Hannah's mom, Missy Williams.

Hannah says her friends and teammates are supportive and encouraging. In fact her friend Claire Benton runs alongside her at practice, guiding her by turns.

"I just thought that it was a great thing that she's doing, deciding to go out there and do it," says Benton.

The girls' coach, Shelby Hoffman, agrees, adding that Hannah doesn't let her disability get in the way.

"I think she's a great example for a lot of kids."


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