One Man Left Facing Charges Following Pana Man's Death



Pana - Adam Bertin was a son, a brother,and a father.

Friends and family claim that Adam Bertin was taken too soon in life.

With Travis Gregg pleading guilty to second degree murder, and only one man left facing charges of mob action, Christian County state's attorney Mike Havera says that while justice is being served, he feels the state's laws need to be changed to do more.

"It's hard, especially for the public, to probably see justice in a situation like this, where the legislature has made this a class one felony and decided that it's a class one felony, being at 4 to 15 years.  Especially, when we're saying there's no doubt that an individual has plead guilty to unjustifiably taken another person's life," Havera told WAND News.

Bertin's family said that they will reach out to area lawmakers in an attempt to change the punishment for a Class One felony.


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