Investigation for juvenile hit with an arrow is complete


Cerro Gordo - An investigation about a girl shot in the head with an arrow is now complete.

The Piatt County Sheriff's Office determined the victim was seated on the tailgate of a pick-up truck down range of the archer. The archer, Andrew Dick was learning to shoot the compound bow under the instruction of a friend. There was no apparent foul play or intention to cause injury to the victim.

The incident happened around 9:00 p.m. on October 10th at a home in rural Cerro Gordo. Local paramedics treated the girl on scene, she was then airlifted to Carle Hospital in Urbana where she underwent surgery.

Several factors went into the investigation:

Safety Issues: Basic range safety was not observed in that no weapon should be loaded while people are down range and no individual should be down range of the shooter while the weapon is loaded or being shot.

Equipment: The equipment, a Barnett Archery Vortex Hunter and a release, were examined and determined to be fully functional. The equipment was set up with a rest that appeared to have not been tuned properly, a string that was not equipped with a nock, anchor point, or peep sight, and arrows that were not tuned to the arrow rest. The arrow rest, nock, anchor point, peep sight, and arrow tuning are all after market addition and all will affect arrow flight.

Archer: Fatigue played a part in this incident. General recommendations for new archers are to release 30-40 good arrows each time they practice until they have learned the proper technique and developed sufficient physical condition. In this situation more than double that number was estimated. The archer was on his second day of shooting with a bow.

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