Teens charged with murder will be tried separately


Decatur - A pair of teens accused in a Decatur murder are now set to be tried separately.

Patrick Hutton, 17, and Bryson Harden, 17, are both charged with the murder of Jarvas Thomas.

According to a Police sworn statement, a witness was with Thomas when he received a phone call to purchase marijuana. The two drove to Galloway Park, where they were approached by Hutton and Harden.  

When Thomas handed over the drugs, Harden allegedly shot him. Hutton and the witness ran from the area on foot. Hutton claimed he did not know Harden was going to shot Thomas.

Hutton stated that Harden shot Thomas in the head and Harden then took the marijuana from Thomas.  A second witness was with Harden after the murder, and said that Harden told him "he had to do it." Harden claimed the victim would not give him the money.

In court on Tuesday a judge decided the teens will be tried separately. They'll be back in court in January.

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