Same Sex Marriage Supporters Rally at Capitol



Springfield - Thousands of supporters crowded the corner of 2nd and Capitol Streets for the 'March on Illinois,' a rally to show support for same sex marriage in Illinois.  

Last year, several lawmakers said that if same sex marriage was legalized, businesses and jobs would leave the state.

However, supporters on Tuesday said that if anything, it'll bring more jobs and create more economy here in Illinois.

"I'd say we're currently losing money because people are going out of state to Iowa and Minnesota to get married.  Those are dollars that could stay in this state.  I also say that if a business in this community, because of their ethnicity, there would be a  public outcry.  If people are so bigoted that they can't serve somebody, who has a different sexual orientation, maybe they need to go out of business," said supporter Marj Hinds of Athens.

Day one of the fall veto session was relatively quiet, see very little action on the House and Senate floor.  And with the same sex marriage debate still in the back of everybody's mind, there is a chance we could see that called to a vote, if not this week, sometime next week perhaps.


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