Sankey high rise now a pile of rubble


Springfield - The Sankey towers are finally down, after a stressful day of watching and waiting.


The first tower came down as planned, but the second tower stood for hours.


The condemned towers were set to be imploded on Tuesday morning at 10:30. Ten minutes after the first yell of fire in the hole, the first building came crashing down. However, one of the high rise towers took much longer to collapse than anticipated.


Crews waited, and waited. Firefighters finally began shooting water out of a cannon to quicken the collapse. More than eight hours later the building fell to the ground.


The reason for the delay had nothing to do with the explosive side. Crews say it is just a very sturdy building. The hours of waiting caused an inconvenience to everyone who lived in the area. Police blocked off streets about 1,000 feet in every direction, and eight homes were evacuated.


The building was deemed structurally unsafe in April of 2011.

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