Lawmakers With Nothing to Show After Day Two


Springfield - When you see lawmakers kicking back, putting their shoes on their desk, you know the mood isn't good here at the capitol.

Governor Quinn has pushed the General Assembly to try and fix the state's pension problem, to which they have not as of yet.
He also urged them to pass same sex marriage, which they have not also.
Now, frustration over the lack of results is kicking in for many state reps.

"I think it is.  This is the first time, and I've been here 15 years, that they've canceled a day, and we're only scheduled to be here three days and they canceled one of the days.  Just the whole job any more is frustrating because of lack of leadership," Forsyth Republican state representative Bill Mitchell told WAND News.

The lack of leadership Mitchell was referring to is what he called the governor's unwillingness to be a part of the negotiations at the capitol.


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